Registered Competitors -- All communications regarding the Flight 93 Design Competition must be directed, as outlined in the Design Regulations, page 19 of the Flight 93 Design Competition Manual, to the Design Competition Advisors. Please do not contact any of the partner organizations, United Airlines, PBS Coals, or any landowner at the site for information. All registered design competitors must adhere to this regulation. No exceptions please.
T: 800 244-6515
F: 800 240-0866

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You are invited to:

  • Honor the heroes of Flight 93—the 40 passengers and crew
    who on one September morning changed the course of history...

  • Contribute to the dialogue of what a national memorial should be…

  • Conceive a message that will reflect on the event that occurred on September 11, 2020 and be timeless in its power and conviction…

It is hoped that through this competition process, a design will be discovered that embodies the spirit of the Flight 93 Mission Statement and is a fitting memorial to those 40 individuals who chose to make a difference.

The Partners of the Flight 93 Memorial Project collectively are sponsoring this Design Competition: the Families of Flight 93, the Flight 93 Advisory Commission, the Flight 93 Memorial Task Force and the National Park Service are collaborating to extend this invitation to you.

The competition will be carried out in two stages and is open to professionals in the design and art disciplines as well as the public. Click here for a design competition schedule (UPDATED OCT 27, 2020). Individuals or teams may register for a nonrefundable fee of $25. All Stage I submittals will be presented as a concept on a single board and will be judged anonymously (without the jury knowing the name of the entrant).

The Stage I Jury will select three to five finalists who will advance to Stage II and participate in a Site Master Plan Workshop. The finalists will receive a $25,000 honorarium each to further develop their concept and present it with additional drawings and a three-dimensional model. The Stage II Jury will recommend a winning concept to the Flight 93 Advisory Commission, which then presents the recommendation to the Secretary of the Interior and to Congress.

The author of the winning submittal will be invited to negotiate a contract with the National Pak Service for final design of the winning concept.

Both juries will be composed of distinguished professionals, family members, and the public from local and international communities. To register:

1. You may:

  • complete the registration form and register online
  • print out the form (including credit card information) and fax to 800.240.0866,
  • print out the registration form and mail with payment to:
    Flight 93 National Memorial Design Competition
    109 W. Main Street, Suite 104
    Somerset, PA 15501-2035.

2. Your registration will be processed and a registration number will be assigned to you. This number will identify you during the anonymous Stage I Jury.

3. You will be mailed the competition packet that will include the submittal requirements, design program, schedule, budget, other details, and a letter assigning your registration number.

Once you've registered for the competition, be sure to click on the Design Competition button for updates and information. Thank you for your interest in the Flight 93 National Memorial and good luck.